The weinor Glasoase® – light-flooded elegance

Bring your garden into your house – with the elegant weinor Glasoase® that offers you smooth transitions to the outside. It consists of a Terrazza patio roof which can be closed with all-glass elements. The many flexible and fixed-glazed side elements allow for any number of possible combinations.

Benefits of the weinor Glasoase® at a glance

Stay outside longer:

the Glasoase® provides protection from the wind and rain

Heating and light:

cold and dark becomes warm and light

Inside/outside shadowing:

perfect glare-protection & keeps the heat outside in the summer

High quality aluminium profiles:

that create a graceful appearance, high levels of stability and plenty of transparency

A second sitting room:

the roof and glazing protect your valuable furniture on the patio

Flexible glass elements:

that open and close as required

Full-surface glazing:

more light and visibility due to the omitting of frames

Add value to the property:

enjoy more time in your garden

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